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Upload photo books in JPG and PDF

If you didn’t create your project with our software, you can upload a Photo Book created in PDF or JPG

A quick check before sending

Zipped folder

Before sending your files create a zipped folder containing all your layout pages (cover and inside).

Multiple order

If you are sending more than one photo book, you will need to upload them and add them to the cart one at a time.

Did you follow the measurements?

All layouts made with different software must follow the measurements shown in: Photoshop Templates (for JPEG), InDesign Templates (for PDF)

Are you having problems uploading?

  • If you are experiencing problems with our upload interface you can send your project with WeTransfer, using the link at this page: https://ilfotoalbum.wetransfer.com/

  • Please enter the name of the model of the photo book you want to make and the type of cover (you just need to specify whether it is BASIC, EDITOR or COLLECTIBLE)

  • We will answer within 8-16 (working) hours with a link through which you can configure your purchase in every detail (type of cover, type of paper, etc.), and choose your payment and shipping method.