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Telephone assistance with expert staff

Our telephone assistance is provided by professionals and is at your disposal at any stage of your project. They have the knowledge to troubleshoot photographic and printing problems and will also answer technical questions about Photoshop and InDesign.

To contact them, simply call:
+39 0522-327508
Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 1:00pm and 2:30pm – 6:30pm

Tools for creating

Creating is very easy and you can use our free Fotocomposer and Album Studio software. Alternatively, if you use InDesign and Photoshop you just need to download our templates for designing photo books. If you use iPhoto/Foto for Mac, just send us the PDF.

Album Studio

Album Studio is a totally free professional software.

Album Studio is our powerful and complete free layout software. Highly complete and professional.

Download Album Studio >

Adobe InDesign

Template in Adobe Indesign for Photobooks

Design your layout with InDesign using our templates. Select a size, download the template and send us the PDF of the cover and inside pages.

Download InDesign template >

Adobe Photoshop

Template Adobe Photoshop for Photobooks

If you prefer to use Photoshop to design your layout, download the pre-sized templates. The templates are created for Photoshop but they can be used with any graphics program.

Download Photoshop template >

Foto / iPhoto

Create a photobook with iPhoto or Apple Foto

If you use iPhoto/Foto, create the book, export the PDF and send it to us. When you order you can select beautiful traditional albums and different finishes and papers for the inside pages to create a unique album.

See the dedicated page >

Before printing

You would like to print with us but want to test the print quality in advance? Do you want to know more about our prices and product range? Here are some very useful tools…

Photo Paper Sample Pack

Photo Paper Sample Pack

A convenient and elegant folder containing all our papers and the catalogue of the collectible covers.

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Test prints

Test print

Before the final printing, assess the colour rendering of your images and feel the surface textures and print quality of all the papers of the Wedding and Digital Wedding line.

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Monitor test

Monitor Test

The easiest way to check your monitor calibration. Buy the test page at the low price of €1 plus shipping

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PDF price list

price list

A clearly laid out PDF, with the prices of all our products. All  prices are inclusive of 22% VAT.

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PDF Covers catalogue

Pdf Catalogue for Wedding Cover

Download the PDF of all the collectible covers that can be combined with our professional photo albums and photo books.

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The colour space

sRGB is the reference profile for all the prints in our laboratory. The sRGB colour profile must be used as workspace in all the applications that allow it (Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, etc.) for a perfect match between (calibrated) monitor view and print. RGB is often thought of as a definitive and unique colour number. However, there is a great variety of RGBs currently available in the digital world. Although all the RGB types use the same numbering system (0-255), each type uses the numbers in a different way, so that the same series of numbers can actually mean different colours. Each type of RGB (sRGB, Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB, etc.) involves a gamut of colours which determine its space colour. sRGB and Adobe RGB are undoubtedly the most popular colour spaces. sRGB is the most common space colour and the default setting on the digital cameras of most consumers and prosumers. Adobe RGB is often used in commercial photography and is the space preferred by photographers using files in RAW format. Adobe RGB is the largest of the two colour spaces and has more richly saturated colours.

If you would like information about the different printing technologies used for our photo products, please go to the Printing Methods page.

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Quick and safe uploads

If you did not create your project with our software, you can send us your documents in one of two ways.
In both cases you will have access to the shop and will be able to select the cover, paper, inside pages, accessories, etc.

Directly from our website

You can upload your documents generated in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign directly from our website and proceed to checkout and complete your order independently.

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Through WeTransfer

If you prefer, you can upload your layout with our WeTransfer PRO channel. It accepts files up to 2GB.

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