Costs and delivery times

Including both production and shipping.


Country Shipping cost
Albania €59.90
Austria €8.30
Belgium €13.50
Bosnia and Herzegovina €13.50
Bulgaria €13.50
Croatia €13.50
Cyprus €45.45
Czech Republic €13.50
Denmark €13.50
Estonia €13.50
Finland €13.50
France €13.50
Germany €8.30
Greece €13.50
Hungary €13.50
Ireland €15.95
Italy €8.30
Latvia €13.50
Lithuania €13.50
Luxembourg €13.50
Macedonia €13.50
Malta €59.90
Netherlands €14.70
Norway €49.90
Poland €13.50
Portugal €13.50
Romania €13.50
Serbia €13.50
Slovakia €13.50
Slovenia €13.50
Spain €15.30
Canary Islands (Spain) €22.20
Sweden €15.50
Switzerland €49.90
United Kingdom €15.95
Product Delivery times
Soft cover photobook (Premium) 7/9 working days
Hard cover photobook (Exclusive) 7/9 working days
Lay flat binding photobook (Photoflat) 13/15 working days
Photogold professional photobook 9/11 working days*
Digital Wedding professional photobook 13/15 working days*
Wedding professional photobook 13/15 working days*
EDITOR Series 13/15 working days
UNIQUE Series 13/15 working days
FLAIR Series 13/15 working days
HAPPY CANVAS Series 13/15 working days
HAPPY COLOR Series 13/15 working days
Xmas Album 13/15 working days
Apple Mac photobook 9/11 working days
Photogold Apple Mac photobook 11/13 working days
Memory Box 7/9 working days
Calendars 7/9 working days
Photo magazine 7/9 working days
Greeting cards 7/9 working days
Photo on canvas 7/9 working days
Photo panels 7/9 working days
Large format prints 7/9 working days
Photos 7/9 working days
Fine-Art prints 9/11 working days

Multiple orders:

Shipping costs do not change if the order includes several items.

Professional photobooks:

* For all photobooks of the professional lines Photogold, Digital Wedding and Wedding you need to calculate 7/9 more working days if ordered with covers other than Basic covers.

VAT exemption scheme for foreign countries:

European Community customers outside of Italy who are VAT registered (VIES) can request a VAT-free invoice pursuant to Art. 41 of Legislative Decree no. 331/1994 governing the matter in accordance with Italian law.

Non-EU customers who are VAT registered can request a VAT-free invoice pursuant to Article 8/a of Presidential Decree no. 633/1972 governing the matter in accordance with Italian law.

  • In both cases the request for a VAT-free invoice must be made before the order is placed by emailing the request and VAT number to:
  • Once your VAT number has been verified, you can place your order entering “Bank Transfer” as your payment method.
  • After completing the order, our administration office will let you know the exact VAT-free invoice amount to be paid and, after payment, will email you the invoice.

Please note: this procedure is only possible for foreign customers who are holders of active VAT numbers registered in their countries of residence, and only for orders that will be shipped abroad from our headquarters.

To ensure quality service, shipping costs include:

  • Shipping charges
  • Shipping data processing
  • Packaging designed for optimal protection and conservation.


If you placed your order with Album Studio, InDesign or Photoshop, you can monitor your order status at any time by signing into your account with your username and password.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a notification email with a tracking number, so that you can check the delivery status of your package directly on the courier page (TNT or UPS).