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Large Format

great print quality
on fine 200gr satin
photo paper

starting from €4.50

Quality photo enlargements

Album Studio: download and install our desktop software. Fantastic for creating photo compositions and photo collages. Ideal for high numbers of large prints (it accepts TIFF, JPEG, PNG and imports your photos directly from Instagram, Facebook and Picasa. ).

Download Album studio

Prices and sizes

Size Prices Discounted prices*
30X45 €10.50 €4.50
40X40 €12.00
40X60 €17.00
50X50 €22.00
50×70 €25.00
60X60 €29.00
60X80 €30.00
70X70 €32.00
70X100 €35.00

Lead times

  • 7-9 working days from the date of the order by courier

Shipping charges

  • €13.50 (including for multiple orders) by express courier within EU

* Discounted prices will be applied automatically when you order.

Print quality and features

Large format printing on satin paper

Satin photo paper 200gsm

  • for large format printing we use professional bright (non reflective) photo paper with satin surface texture

Certified quality

  • printing with original Canon inks for certified quality

Impeccable colours

  • exceptional colours and black and white devoid of dominant colours

Download Album Studio to place your order

Album Studio: free Mac and PC free software, ideal for professional photos and for graphic design.

Download Software