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Chemical photographic printing

Printing using chemical baths. This is traditional printing on photosensitive, polyethylene coated paper with machinery equipped with laser print heads (Fujifilm and others). This kind of printing ensures high colour and brightness fidelity in images. Chemical printing ensures excellent uniformity of colour transitions and halftones. The 300 dpi output ensures wonderful rendering of details and contrasts. Our laboratory employs this type of technology for the photo albums of the Photoflat line and of the Wedding line (only on certain types of paper in both cases), and also for prints from 10×13 to 30×40 formats on glossy Fujifilm paper.

Products using this technology:

Inkjet and Fine-Art  prints

This printing technology is state-of-the-art in the photography world, as it provides uncompromising Full HD quality. We are the only ones to offer this service online in connection with Professional Photo Albums. The printing is done with Canon and Epson printers. The Canon imagePROGRAF printers have 12 inks and real Full HD output. These printers, which won the 2011 EDP Award as “Best Photo Printer of the year” (see the Canon press release), can produce prints with incredible tonal range, both in colour and in black and white, that have excellent longevity (100 years guaranteed by the producer). The very new Canon LUCIA EX ink technology, consisting of a set of 12 pigment inks, can produce Fine-Art HD quality prints with the highest standards of quality and durability, as confirmed by the prestigious award received by Wilhelm Imaging Research (WIR), one of the most reputable research laboratories in the world (see article on Canon website). The Epson printers use UltraChrome K3 pigments inks, with a total of nine cartridges: six colours plus three gradations of black. The deep and dark colours of your photos, as well and the light and bright ones, will have much more defined detail and will be extraordinarily more intense than those found in regular photo prints. Regardless of the selected size, each detail of the image is enhanced by very high definition, with a perfect balance of the grey shades.
There is no better printing technology for your photos, and we offer it in a wide range of photo products: from fine-art prints for exhibition or museum use to elaborate and prestigious professional books (Wedding Line) printed in Full HD.
Depending on the type of product selected, the photos will be printed on polyethylene coated photo papers, on cotton papers, fine-art papers, or on photo canvas.

Products using this technology:

Dry toner digital printing

This is dry toner printing on professional papers specifically designed by our partners to produce the best chromatic rendering and colour range. This environmentally-friendly technology enables us to offer prints on different types of paper, giving you the opportunity of creating fantastic products with your photos.
Ink toner machines have an electrostatic roller that uses static electricity to transfer the toner, a dry ink powder. The roller attracts the powder toner and transfers it magnetically onto the paper, a process that provides exceptional durability to the print.
The colour stability of the prints is guaranteed for over 120 years.
Depending on the type of product selected, dry toner printing is used on  Fedrigoni-certified papers coated on both sides (without polyethylene) and on other papers, all FSC- and PEFC-certified.