Printing methods

An in-depth look at the technologies used to print our products.

Chemical photo printing

Chemical printing. It is the traditional printing on photosensitive polythene paper with machines equipped with laser heads (Fujifilm, Polyelectronics and similar). This type of printing guarantees a higher quality result compared to digital printing and greater fidelity of tone and brightness of the images.

Chemical printing guarantees an excellent homogeneity of color and half-tone passages. The 300 dpi output guarantees an excellent rendering of details and contrasts.

This type of technology is adopted by our laboratory on some models of Photoboks and Professional photobooks, on Memory Box, Photos and all personalized Calendars on photographic paper.


Products Versions
Photoflat Photographic version
Wedding All versions, except for the one with Fine-Art paper
UNIQUE Series All versions, except for the one with Fine-Art paper
FLAIR Series All versions, except for the one with Fine-Art paper
HAPPY COLOR Series All versions, except for the one with Fine-Art paper
HAPPY CANVAS Series All versions, except for the one with Fine-Art paper
EDITOR Series Photographic version, except for the one with Fine-Art paper
Xmas Album All
Memory Box All
Photos All
Calendars Versions printed on Fujifilm photo paper

Digital printing (dry toner)

It is a toner print on professional papers specially designed by our partners for maximum color rendering and color gamut. Extremely environmentally friendly, digital printing guarantees typographic quality and exceptional color stability over time.

The toner ink machines use an electrostatic roller that is electrically charged in the areas where ink is needed. The powdered toner is attracted by the roller and finally transferred to the paper by magnetism, giving the print an exceptional durability over time.
Prints are guaranteed for over 120 years in terms of color stability.

Depending on the type of application/product chosen, dry toner printing is carried out on Fedrigoni certified bipatinated papers (non-polyethylene) or on other papers all FSC certified.


Products Versions
Premium All
Exclusive All
Photoflat Digital quality version
Christmas photobook All
Digital Wedding All
Photogold All
EDITOR Series Digital quality version
Calendars Versions printed on standard 200 g paper
Greeting cards All
Photo magazine All

Fine Art – Full HD printing

Inkjet Fine-Art photo printing represents the state of the art in the photographic world and guarantees uncompromising Full HD quality. To obtain Fine-Art printing we use Epson plotters with Epson UltraChrome® HDX 8-color ink set, with resolution up to 2,880×1,440 dpi.

We are one of the few photographic laboratories to offer this kind of service also related to the application of Professional photobooks.

The deep, dark tones and light, bright tones of your subjects will be much more defined in detail and extraordinarily intense than a common chemical bath photo print. No matter what format you choose, every detail of the image is enhanced by a very high definition, with a perfect gray balance.

There is no better printing technology for your photos, and we offer it for a very long series of photographic applications: from Fine-Art prints for exhibition/museum use to elaborate and prestigious professional photobooks printed in Full HD quality.

Depending on the type of application/product chosen, printing is done on polythene coated papers for ink-jet, cotton fibre papers, cellulose fibre papers and photographic canvas.


Products Versions
Wedding Fine-Art
UNIQUE Series Fine-Art
FLAIR Series Fine-Art
HAPPY CANVAS Series Fine-Art
HAPPY COLOR Series Fine-Art
EDITOR Series Photographic quality version, Fine-Art
Fine-Art prints Fine-Art
Photo on canvas Fine-Art
Large format prints Fine-Art

Sublimation printing

Thermostamping by sublimation is an indirect printing process mainly used for the decoration of synthetic fabrics made of polyester, elastane, microfibre. The surface to be printed must necessarily be white. The sublimation process cannot work satisfactorily on coloured materials.

The system consists in printing on paper with sublimatic ink, of the desired graphic subject in inverse (mirror) position with respect to the desired effect, thus obtaining a sheet called technically transfer.

The thermostamping operation takes place when the transfer sheet is placed in contact with the material to be printed under the table of a hot press that will make the paper adhere uniformly to the object to be printed/customized, for a specific time at a temperature that can vary from 180 to 210 °C.

The ink printed on the sheet, due to heat-induced sublimation, will turn into gas and the image will be permanently and indelibly transferred to the surface of the object.

This type of technology offers a very qualitative and emotional result, and is used for the printing of a large number of products.


Products Versions
Photo mug All
Photo cushion All
Photo puzzle All
T-shirt All
Smartphone Cover All
Chromaluxe All