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Colour profile

The reference profile for all our laboratory’s prints is sRGB. The sRGB colour profile must be used as working space in all the applications that allow for it (Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign…) for perfect correspondence between (calibrated) monitor display and printer. RGB is often considered as a definitive and unique colour number.

There are, however, many varieties of RGB currently available in the digital world. Although all the varieties of RGB use the same numbering system (0-255), each variety uses the numbers in a different way, which means that the same series of numbers can indicate different colours. Every RGB type (sRGB, Adobe RGB, ProPhoto RGB… etc.) has its own colour space and colour range. sRGB and Adobe RGB are certainly the most popular colour spaces.
sRGB is the most common colour space and usually corresponds to the predefined setting for most consumers and prosumers that use digital cameras. Adobe RGB is often used in commercial photography and is the space preferred for photographs that use files in RAW format. Adobe RGB is the larger of the two colour spaces and has more richly saturated colours.

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