How does it work?

  • You can print a sample Professional Photobook or a sample Memory Box with your photos saving 50% of the list price.
  • For your sample you can choose one or more photobooks from the Photogold, Digital Wedding, Wedding lines or EDITOR, UNIQUE, FLAIR, HAPPY COLOR and HAPPY CANVAS Series.
  • The 50% discount will be applied on any accessories ordered together with the photobook, for example: Parents’ Albums, Special Covers, Cases and Boxes.
  • You can also make one or more sample Memory boxes with photos, with or without USB flash drive.
  • To create your sample you can use our free layout software, Online Designer and Album Studio, or our InDesign or Photoshop templates.
  • At the time of purchase you will have to pay the full amount of what you ordered and send a request via email to the Support Service at, indicating the order number. 50% of the amount you spent will be immediately credited back to your account through a Gift Card that you can use for your next purchases.

Terms and conditions

Prerequisites to get 50% discount:

  • For each professional photobook sample:
    add the words “Sample album” (font size: 20 pt) on at least one of the pages, the text must be positioned at a maximum of 5 mm away from the photos.
  • For each Memory box sample:
    add the words “Sample” (font size: 20 pt) clearly visible on the cover.
  • Only photographers registered in the Professional Area can take advantage of this discount (to join the Professional Area, fill out this form).
  • The Album or Memory box sample will be produced and delivered according to the usual delivery times.

How to request the discount

  • After placing your order on our website, please send an email to, indicating the order number and the offer “Sample -50%”
  • As soon as our customer service has verified the suitability of your request, you will receive by email a Gift Card equal to 50% of the value spent for your order
  • The Gift Card will result, therefore, in a credit that you can spend for one or more future purchases on our site.

Start creating your Sample Album

For the creation of your Sample Album you can use one of the following software:

Album Studio

Album Studio

Professional software (for Windows and macOS) for the most demanding users

Online Designer

Create now with an active connection on your desktop/tablet

Template Indesign

Adobe® InDesign®

Do you use InDesign? Download our templates for professional layouts

Adobe® Photoshop®

Do you prefer to use Photoshop? We have the templates for you

Smart Album

You will find us on the list of the affiliated labs. Send us your layout in PDF format.

Fundy Designer

You will find us on the list of the affiliated labs. Send us your layout in PDF format.

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