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Sample Album


  • You can print one (or more) sample albums with your own photos and save 50% on the listed price.
  • The photo album can be created with Album Studio (our free software), Indesign or Photoshop, using the appropriate
  • The photo album must be a book from the Photogold, Digital Wedding, Wedding line, UNIQUE Series or FLAIR Series
  • The 50% discount also applies to any optional extras ordered together with the photo album, such as the Parents
    Pack, special Covers, Packaging etc.
  • At the time of purchase, the customer will pay the full amount due. 50% of this amount will be immediately
    re-credited to your account as a Gift Card, after you send a written request to customer service, together with
    your order number.


  • To qualify for the offer, the sample photo album must bear the words “Sample Album” in 20 pt font size on at
    least one of the inside pages. Without this requirement being fulfilled no discount will be granted.
  • The words “Sample Album” must be clearly visible within the layout. The cases that do not conform to this requirement
    will not qualify for the discount.
  • The discount will be granted only to “PRO users” registered to our website


  • After placing your order on our website, you will need to send an email to stating your order
    number and asking for the “Half price sample photo album” offer to be applied.
  • Once our customer service has confirmed the validity of your request, you will receive a Gift Card equal to 50% of
    the amount of your Sample Album purchase, excluding shipping costs.
  • The Gift Card will therefore translate into credit to spend on a future purchase on our website.
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