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Photo Paper Sample Pack

Photo Paper Sample Pack + covers catalogue

A convenient folder containing all the papers of our albums and the catalogue of the collectible covers and briefcases for only €39.90.

Our paper sample pack is a wonderful tool that allows you to be certain about your final product. If you are a wedding photographer, you can provide the bride and groom with a precise idea of what will be the final product, giving them something tangible on which to base their choice.

Here is the list of the material in the Photo Paper Sample Pack, for only €39.90:

  • 2 Samples 30×21 cm of papers in the Premium and Exclusive line (normal and with UV finish)
  • 2 Samples 30×21 cm of papers in Photogold line photo books
  • 2 Samples 30×21 cm of paper in Photoflat line photo books
  • 4 Samples 30×21 cm of digitally printed papers in Digital Wedding line
  • 6 Samples 30×21 cm of papers in Wedding line photo books
  • Sample of canvas and fabric for inkjet printing on covers and photos on canvas
  • A paper catalogue 30×21 cm with all the Collectible wedding covers
  • High-quality packaging: a practical, elegant and indispensable tool.
  • If you have been admitted to the professional programme, you can redeem the purchase with your next order.
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