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Our promises

You Can Trust Us.

Thanks to a range of constantly-developing photo products and original, personalized services, sharing special moments is as easy, enjoyable and creative as possible.

We are proud to offer our customers high-quality photo prints, together with a wide range of personalized photo products. Add to that fast delivery times and particularly competitive prices and you will see that we definitely have something to offer you!

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Shipments delivered within stated times.
Emails we answer every day.
Great passion for our work.

What do we promise?

  • Quality prints not only for the products on photo paper and the professional line photo books, but also for all digitally printed products, in medium and small format.
  • Print size flexibility: as you can see in our photo books catalogue, we offer different sizes, from 15×20 up to 40×40, all designed to free up your creativity.
  • Lossless layout. Your photos are not compressed in any way when uploaded by our software applications, so as to ensure the highest possible quality of all our products.
  • Impeccable customer service: Il fotoalbum replies to your emails within 24 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. We answer phone calls every working day of the week, and we always pay attention to our customers’ requests.
  • Respect for the environment. We favour digital over chemical printing because we aim for a production process without harmful emissions to the environment. We recycle paper at all stages of production and we always take into consideration new ethical procedures and advice from our clients.