Milano case

Milano case

Milano case
Cofanetto Milano per album fotografici, colori disponibili

Handcrafted case in eco leather available in 5 colours. Interior lined with velvet, exterior decorated with ribbon closure. It protects and enhances your photo book over time. Modern and elegant, it is an excellent alternative to traditional briefcases.

It can be purchased with the photo albums of the Photogold, Digital Wedding and Wedding lines, or as a single item by clicking on the button below.


Prices and sizes

Photogold 21×21
Photogold 20.5×29
Photogold 30×21
Photogold 33×25€39.90
Photogold 30×30€39.90
Photogold 42×30€39.90

Digital Wedding 21×21
Digital Wedding 20.5×29
Digital Wedding 33×25€39.90
Digital Wedding 30×30€39.90
Digital Wedding 42×30€39.90

Wedding 21×21
Wedding 20.5×29
Wedding 33×25€39.90
Wedding 30×30€39.90
Wedding 33×33€39.90
Wedding 42×30€39.90
Wedding 30×42€39.90
Wedding 40×40€49.90