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Our site uses cookies to help provide you with a better surfing experience. Cookies allow us to anonymously count visits and they do not allow us to directly identify you in any way.

Use of cookies

Our site uses cookies. Cookies are a small text files containing information entered on the browser during your visit, where they are saved and later on sent to our site every time you subsequently connect.
We use only technical and analytics cookies.
Technical cookies are needed to ensure a correct functioning of some of the site’s areas. They include persistent and session cookies. If these cookies are not present, the site and or some portion of it may not correctly function. These types of cookies are always sent from our domain.
Analytic cookies are used to collect information on how the site is used. They are basic for statistical analysis, to improve and simplify functionality and to monitor the site’s correct functioning. These types of cookies collect anonymous information on the users’ activity on the site and on the way they were directed to the site and the pages visited. ILFOTOALBUM uses Google Analytics service from Google, Inc. to generate statistics on the usage of the site; Google Analytics cookies do not store personal data. The information received from the cookies on the users’ visit to the website (including IP addresses) will be sent to Google and stored in the company’s servers. Google provides the data to ILFOTOALBUM in aggregate form and never connected to the users’ identity, with reports and other information services. Google does not transfer this information to third parties unless so required by the law or in the case the third parties are processing the information on behalf of Google. In all cases, Google states in their information that the IP addresses will not be connected to any other data obtained.
To view Google’s privacy information, relative to Google Analytics service, please visit the website
Our site contains also third parties cookies, cookies from other sites and present in various elements in our pages (social networks icons which allows the visitors to interact with them, images, videos). These types of cookies are provided by the sites’ domains offering the functionalities present on the website, they are not added or read by ILFOTOALBUM. Third parties can use the data collected for their own purposes. For further information on these cookies and their use by each of the third parties involved, please the links below.

Youtube: (Google privacy applicable to YouTube services as well)